ON SALE Durable Non stick Pan Smoke free Stainless Steel Frying Pan Cookware Kitchen Dining Instrument Home Restaurant Canteen

ON SALE Durable Non stick Pan Smoke free Stainless Steel Frying Pan Cookware Kitchen Dining Instrument Home Restaurant Canteen
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Oписание продукта


Model Type:  OT-820
Dimension:  730 * 500 * 230 mm
Power: 220v/50 hz
Power: 4.4 kw
Net weight: 32kgs
flat type


the guidelines

1. The thermostat is located in the furnace, double stove temperature control for each party a, can be used alone, the left side surface temperature thermostat control on the left side of the pot, on the right side of the pan surface temperature thermostat control right.
2. Connect the power supply, the green light is lit, the current supply to the furnace, as long as the clockwise rotation thermostat respectively, the required temperature on on time, the red indicator, furnace temperature began to rise.When the temperature of the furnace is up to the required temperature, burn the red light and stop heating furnace at this time.When the temperature fell slightly, thermostat automatically switched on, the red light is lit, began to work again, electric heating tube temperature rise, so repeated cycle, in order to keep the temperature within the range set by the constant.
3. According to different food production, adjust the required temperature, can make the production of food to get the ideal effect.


1. If there is damage of soft wire of power supply to avoid danger, must by the manufacturer or its maintenance department or similar professionals to change.
2. This device USES voltage must be the same as the rated voltage.
3. The user should be near the equipment device enough dosage of the power switch or air switch.
4. Behind this equipment grounding bolt, application of not less than 2.5 when installation was the copper wire to meet the requirements of safety reliable ground connection.
5. Before the use should check wiring presence of loose, use voltage is correct, whether the protective earth connection is reliable.
6. This product can\'t use spray water to clean.


cleaning and maintenance
1, when cleaning and maintenance, should cut off the power and prevent accidents.
2, the machine in the cleaning, do not use metal utensils, only with a spatula or cloth kind of soft material cleaning, prevent the damage to the surface. Every day after work,  use soft cloth to clear barbecue area, keep the machine beautiful, clean health.


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