Apple iMac, 68.6 cm (27"), 5K Ultra HD, 7th gen Intel® Core™ i5, 8 GB, 1000 GB, macOS Sierra 10.12

Apple iMac, 68.6 cm (27"), 5K Ultra HD, 7th gen Intel® Core™ i5, 8 GB, 1000 GB, macOS Sierra 10.12
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Intel Dual Core Four Threads i3-3217U 1.8Ghz 

IVB Bridge

L3 3MB Cache

Intel HD 4000 Graphics

DirectX 11

Intel NM70 Chipset 






Hard Disk Capacity:16GB SSD










USB 2.0*6

MIC Input

SPK Output

6*COM RS232

1.WiFi Optional, if need wifi, double antenna builtin wireless 150M add extra $8, 300M add $10

2. Bluetooth and WiFi 300M together Builtin add $20

3. USB IR Infra-red+ PC Remote Control add $15 (No battery inside) 

Upgrade link: 

(how many dollars to upgrade, pay how many pieces, $1=1Pcs, For example upgrade wireless 150M, pay 8pcs for $8...)

XP/windows 7/Ubuntu Linux optional

(if not leave message, we will ship at Random.)

Charged WIN.8 add extra $5, Server 2003 add extra $5

Above OS is OEM cracked Version, if need orginal, needs to purchase separately

Original: Win7:$55;Win8:$65



Model No.


The adapter board



Integration of Intel I3-3217U 1.8GHz TDP dual core processor power 17W

Chip group

Using Intel NM70 chipset

Display card

Integration of Intel HD Graphics core graphics, provide VAG, HDMI output display


1* SO DDRIII memory slots, support 1066/1333 memory, maximum support 8GB

The expansion slot

1* Mini-PCIE slot WIFI/3G module


The 2.5 inch 1* SATA hard disk position


1* MSATA slot, supports SSD, WIFI solid state disk


Integrated Realtek Gigabit Ethernet chip, support WOL function

Front panel interface

1* COM serial port



2* USB 2.0 interface


1* Line out( The green )

1* Mic (red)

1* POWERThe power switch

After the panel interface

4* USB 2.0  interface


5* COM



1* VGA

1* LAN

1* Line out(green)

1* Mic (red)

1* DC_12VIN


Cooling system

Fanless closed body heat dissipation

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Relative humidity

5%-95% relative humidity, no condensation

The majoy modification


1. New with Dual Intel 82574L Gigabit Nics

2. New with Intel NM70 Chipset 

3. 6* USB 2.0 

Fanless industrial computer market, Electrify Autoboot support, Restore AC Power Loss,Super Ice Thorn Cooling chassis, dual Gigabit LAN, 6 USB 2.0, 6*COM ports, support 7*24 hours working, support dual display. Simultaneous Display or Asynchronous Display. 

Fanless Computer advantages
The computer with a fan, a long time fan noise will become increasingly large , even the best part of the fan will be broken , causing rework , while generating fan duct , inhale a lot of dust , more than half a year later , the computer board plot thick dust , can easily lead to short circuit the computer , and then cause rework . So the dust is considered to be a computer predators, no fan design ensures not only stability, but also to ensure the long-term use without dust , 0 noise annoyance never broken fan noise 0 db is the dream of many computer users computers if we dream plus mini- volume low-power will become more perfect. 
Mini fanless industrial computer HTPC factory living room Computer Factory Direct Wholesale!
1. Onboard  Intel core i3 3217U 1.8Ghz  ( integrated graphics HD Graphics) performance, overall performance over C1037U
2. Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to support diskless boot HDMI output supports high-definition Blu-ray 1080P HD hardware solution software solution
3.12V external DC power supply , environmental protection, daily using only 12W to 16W power
4. 6 USB2.0 ports, 1 1000M Gigabit Lan 
5.6 COM Ports 
6. Intel NM70 Express Express Chipset
7. Supports boot function calls that can support Msata3 SSDs
8. All solid , shock , drop , long-term stable and reliable operation,solid state disk speed of 160M / S
9. Biggest advantage is no fan noise can be zero dust . Dust is a natural enemy of the computer , the computer noise nuisance trouble. The machine fully resolved
10. Msata support and 1* 2.5 -inch notebook hard drive support, Builtin. 
Onboard third-generation Core i3-3217U, integrated HD4000 integrated graphics core acceleration technology i5-3317u supports Turbo Boost Technology Turbo Core frequency of up to 2.6GHz 3MB L3 cache , but only 17W TDP 
CPU technical parameters
CPU frequency : 1.8GHz
CPU FSB : 100MHz
CPU multiplier : 18 times
Microarchitecture : Ivy Bridge
Core Code : Ivy Bridge
Cores: Dual-Core
Threads : four threads
Manufacturing process: 22nm
A cache : 2 × 32KB
Two cache : 2 × 256KB
Three cache : 3MB
Bus Type : DMI
Bus frequency : 5.0GT / s
Thermal Design Power : 17W
Function parameters: Hyper-Threading technology, virtualization, 64-bit technology
Multimedia instruction sets : MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX
Display Core Model : Intel HD Graphics 4000
Fundamental frequency : 350MHz
Maximum Dynamic Frequency : 1050MHz
1: The living room PC with HD HDMI output , TV output sound and picture synchronization connection can be hard to decode Blu-ray high-definition movies , Internet , fanless , to ensure long-term use no dust , no noise.
2 : Business office preferred dual- core four-thread CPU, has been completely meet the daily office use, access, processing services handy , and business volume use , save electricity. Compared to ordinary desktop computers, the machine is only about 16W power daily
3 : dedicated computer rooms aluminum exterior , elegant, upscale hotel rooms in very convenient, all- solid-state design , not damaged, no dry sound , low power consumption , energy saving .
4: The education industry dedicated computer terminals have better performance than low-end cloud , more convenient software compatibility , better color , faster , more suitable for the education sector
5 : Industrial PC designed for industrial users can be customized serial port, and the machine design , industrial applications can be fully qualified , all- solid-state design, all quiet design , the overall board design are taking into account the needs of industrial users . The entire board of all tantalum capacitors, life for ten years . 7X24 -hour long test is stable and reliable .
Mini computer FAQ:
What is a fanless computer, not previously used , what are the features and advantages of it ?
About fanless computer : fanless computer nearly two years before for domestic manufacturers to master the core technology, the early years only a small number of overseas Chinese and Taiwan manufacturers can develop and produce fanless computers, common configuration price vrey high, mainly for users require high -quality, high stability, long-running , zero noise, no dust.
Ordinary computer uses fan cooling fan with no comparative difference is:
1 ) noisy, prolonged use of affected people feel belittled , even silent fan , a long time after the big sound
2 ) No matter how high- quality fan over one to two years , there will be corrupted rates , causing computer repair, no fan of passive
Cooling, users never have to repair damage to the fan , greatly reducing the quality of the risk of your computer.
3 ) Turn the fan for a long time , a lot of dust into the exhaust at the same time , older month long, there will be a lot of dust inside the computer together Set , causing a short circuit , the fan speed down and so on, will also increase the risk of damage to the computer . Dust is known to
Computer predators , fanless computer specifically address this dust computer predators .
This computer already installed a MSATA SSD , but also re- install the laptop hard disk? Did not see a fixed position ?
The machine supports MSATA SSDs , because speed, small size is very convenient , so most do use this disk system disk , if that is not enough space , you can add a laptop hard disk for data , we will provide notebook hard drive power cable , SATA interface cable , giving you leads, connect it directly to your hard drive can be identified using screws be ready for you . Fixed position on another cabinet panel has four dedicated hard drive screws holes.
Machine supports 5.1 channel output it? How to set or wiring ?
The machine can support 5.1 channel output, if you only have an ordinary computer speakers, then the machine behind the sound hole , so only output 5.1 sound, not a true 5.1 . To use 5.1 , the machine must be connected to the power amplifier , power amplifier connected to five or more speakers. We have a dedicated hall living room PC experience , is to use the 5.1 channel , the specific connection method is HDMI port HDMI cable to the computer and the other end connected directly to the input of the HDMI port on the amplifier . Then connect a TV or projector \'s HDMI output to the amplifier . All speakers connected to the amplifier, speakers connection method you use amplifier reference manual . After this connection the effect is quite shocking , whether it is picture and sound quality are very good, convenient to the living room to the corporate computer users can experience the hall to experience the effect .
This computer can be connected to a large TV projector or large it? Big screen output effect okay ?
The machine can be connected to any large screen display devices, image quality can be achieved fully 1080P full HD effect. There had been a large number of users , the company specializes experience hall connecting two display devices, a 55 -inch TV , another W8000 projector , 150 -inch projection screen , the effect of first-class quality is good.
This computer is so small, or no fan , really zero noise , but the performance right ? Play games?
This machine adopts the latest technology INTEL low-power processor , no fan around 15W Total power , but the performance is very calendar harm , sufficient to office business applications , the living room computer , running WIN7 also very smooth, stress-free Blu-ray HD , 50GB of HD movie playback without any pressure or abnormal , 3D HD also normal playback. But also to support a large number of 3D games, Need for Speed is currently running over 14 , no pressure . Cross Fire is very smooth. Similar requirements and these games 3D games can be stable , smooth play .
No fan I have not used a computer before , no sound really attractive , especially for the living room , but withstand use it? Will not be too hot ?
The machine uses the latest energy-saving technology INTEL processor , heat has been reduced to a minimum , we have developed the process, the amount of post-partum have done a lot of stress tests , CPU 60 several times until the highest , but no air conditioning in the environment . The usage is not your everyday use high CPU utilization in a long time , the temperature will be lower than the temperature and pressure testing. Estimated that about 50 degrees, so there is no pressure on the CPU temperature , the large number of laptop CPU 78 degrees up and down frequently .
Normal CPU temperature below 80 degrees for the machine to use, without any impact on the CPU life , ease of use . The company has been doing for years fanless computers , fanless computers in China is probably the most successful of our production and sales is also the largest . So for fanless computers, we experience the full , in the research and development devoted to the heat, the temperature did rigorous design and testing. The machine adopts the chassis close to CPU, using imported Japanese silver thermal paste , and therefore can not fold under the motherboard, will affect the adhesion of the silver thermal paste , thereby affecting the heat . Because the chassis cater to the radiator , so the surface temperature of the CPU with the same staffing will feel the heat , this is a normal phenomenon , fanless computer surface is so , you can still ease of use , do not fearing .