Automobile Stickers 3D 1.5M Motorcycle Car Decal Car Styling Auto Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Carbon Car Wrap Sheet Roll Film Paper

Automobile Stickers 3D 1.5M Motorcycle Car Decal Car Styling Auto Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Carbon Car Wrap Sheet Roll Film Paper
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Sticker sticker operation shows:
"Dry stick" motorcycle paste or small paste application
[dry paste steps] use tools: clean rag and scraper.
1. To clean the stickup position of the body, the fabric can be scrubbed with 50% alcohol or isopropanol or acetone, and soapy water can be used. The surface of the solvent can be stickable after the solvent is completely volatilized.
2, the transfer film (adhesive film stickup on the transparent adhesive film) together with the car stickers together, in general, slowly on one side, side with a tool to scrape the flat, one side of the paper;
3, if the vehicle width is less than 10 cm, you can tear all the stickers down and paste them. However, care must be taken to avoid accidental adhesion or drop the ground and dust.
4, use clean cloth or scraper on the transfer film repeatedly force slanting or scraping a few down to the car sticker without bubbles, and then tear off the transparent transfer membrane can; it is suggested that in 24 hours do not insolate or wash the car.
Wet sticker application of car stickers or large car stickers [recommended double operation]
Use tools: watering pot, clean cloth, scraper, art knife, and air duct.
1, will need to paste the surface clean clean before the ready paste paper, please spray the glass water evenly on the need to paste the surface (after cleaning the body, in the body parts to be used to spray water) mainly used to reduce sticker sticker viscosity, easy to adjust the position.
2, after determining the position that needs to be pasted well, with the sticker from right to left to the side [or from the upper to the bottom], put it on the car table with a rag, then stick, side with a rag flat, uncover the paper.
3, encounter doorknobs or anti-collision bars should be cut according to the circumstances of the material and package or load.
4, timely adjustment, the general position of the figure is correct, after scraping repeatedly scraping water and bubbles, use scraper when right to left oblique blow.
5, when the door and the seams are evenly split with the knife, wrap them inside.
6, as far as possible, let the moisture in the car stickers be dry. Suggestion: try not to be exposed to sunlight for 24 hours, and not to wash the car within 48 hours.
Because of the low temperature in winter, all the plastics, PVC sticker, rubber and so on will become harder and more brittle. Some customers say that the tensile and stickiness of the sticker is more difficult to be constructed. In this warm hint parents: when the sticker with hot air gun baking a roast stickiness and flexibility will be better, stick with hot air gun edge blowing edge paste; other parents attention, whether it is their own or look for master paste, draw edge when stretching do not too big, or glue is thin, easy to edge. Also, if the water is pasted, the water must be scraped clean, otherwise there will be bubbles or water deicing and degumming. In the cold area of Northeast China, it is advisable to put it in place for 2 days or so, so that the adhesive force of the film will be firmly bonded before heading outside. The temperature of our patch is between -40 and 90 degrees.



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